I want to lease… but I need a car fast. What is out there?

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You are stuck between a rock and a hard place… You want to build a car to your exact specification, but know your current car won’t pass its MOT next week and definitely don’t want to sink any more money into it.

When ordering a car the average lead time, especially for a premium brand such as BMW or Mercedes is 14 weeks at present. Not only do you have to wait for your shiny new car to arrive in three months time, by then new road tax rules will have come into force. Why not have a look at what is currently in stock?

By choosing a car which is already in the UK not only does the lead time get slashed from three months to about three weeks, but also underwriters and manufacturers promote these cars leading to some of the best deals on the market! You may not be able to choose what stitching you have on your leather seats, but a huge saving will put a smile on your face when your new car arrives.

So in the words of Al Pacino you’ll be asking us… ‘what have you got you got?’

C220d Coupe AMG Line

C220d banner

This current deal has proved to be THE hot offer of 2017 so far!

The new C-Class Coupé scales down all the glamour and style of the larger – and considerably more expensive – S-Class Coupé. It ditches the two-door saloon car look of its predecessor in favour of a more slippery shape. It’s nicely made and is arguably more stylish than the BMW 4 Series, plus it’s nearly on par with the BMW in the handling stakes.

With 12 Cars left in various colours the marriage of a fantastic price and stock vehicles won ‘t be around for too much longer, so don’t miss out on such a great deal and get in touch today! Prices start from £274.99 + VAT based on a 9 + 35 Lease profile covering 8,000 miles a year.

Must Be Delivered by 31st of January!

Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge

Fiat 500 Lounge

We love the Fiat 500’s stylish retro looks, and its range of nippy and efficient engines, light steering and forgiving suspension make it an ideal city car. It also feels well built, and the generous equipment offered in Lounge trim makes the 500 feel much more upmarket than the basic Pop model, the main highlight being the Glass fixed sunroof which even premium car brands charge an extra premium for! It is also much more practical thanks to the 50/50 split-folding rear seats, which significantly increases the size of the 185-litre boot.

We have fifteen white models looking for new homes, one of our most affordable deals ever – £185 inclusive of VAT for a three year fully maintained contract covering 10,000 miles per year… with no upfront payment or admin fees! Just insure and add fuel, perfect for new drivers and a second run around car! Get in touch today!

BMW 335d X Drive Gran Tourismo Auto

BMW 335d Xdrive GT

Not quite ready for an estate or to give up the speed and power of your coupe/saloon, but need space for Kids buggies and dogs? Look no further than the BMW 3 Series GT, inspired by the Verbier lifestyle, this four-wheel drive powerhouse works just as well in the city in summer, or up in the mountains in the middle of winter in 2 feet of snow.

We have 7 cars left with the much desired M Sport Plus Pack and Heated front seats to make those winter commutes less of a grind, and over 300 horse power means when the conditions allow this machine flys! Based on a 9 + 35 8,000 miles per year for only £304.99 + VAT

Mercedes GLC 250d 4 Matic Coupe AMG Line

GLC250d Coupe

The Mercedes GLC Coupe builds on the luxury and comfort of its more conventionally styled sister model, with a fresh, sporty appeal and greater driver enjoyment.  With the large Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV already fighting the stylish BMW X6 for customers, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Mercedes targeted buyers of the smaller BMW X4.

We have access to both the 220d and 250d engine, of course we prefer the higher tuned two litre diesel engine, which also works out slightly cheaper, in various colours. If you are looking for a premium SUV but don’t fancy waiting 12-20 weeks for delivery, this is definitely the right car for you. You could have one of the C250d’s on your drive on a 9 + 35 contract covering 10,000 miles a year for only £344.99 + VAT

If any of these could find a loving place on your drive call us today on 0161 406 3936 before the stock goes!



Are electric cars right for me? DSG Auto Contracts find out…

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Electric cars are going from strength to strength, we have picked the top 10 best electric cars on sale

If you want to cut your running costs, you could go for an ultra-economical petrol and diesel car. But if you really want to drive them to the bone, then an electric vehicle (EV) is the way to go. Of course, a high price tag, limited range and the need to plug the electric car in to charge it up are the biggest stumbling blocks to owning this new technology, but all of these points are improving. The best electric cars are now a very attractive proposition for a lot of people.




The latest crop of EVs are now promising a driving ranges of up to 300 miles on a charge, which is more than enough for most people’s needs. This is close on 30 Litres of petrol! And with a rise in the number of fast charging points, plus manufacturer incentives to get buyers to install a high-current wall box at home, range anxiety is becoming less of an issue.

Electric car prices are still high, although the Government’s Plug-In Car Grant takes a bit of the sting out of purchase, while the growing use of electric vehicle tech means car makers are gradually bringing prices down as the technology spreads between firms.



Manufacturers at the current forefront of electric car sales include Nissan and BMW but there are plenty more models being introduced all the time. US brand Tesla have built a strong reputation for themselves – so much so that the unveiling of the Model 3 compact saloon earlier in 2016 made the headline news around the world – while Volkswagen Kia and Smart all have their own electric vehicles on sale now.


So which electric cars are the best? We’ve put together a list of models to help you decide which one is right for you. It’s especially important with electric cars to choose a model that fits your requirements and our top 10 best electric cars list is designed to demonstrate the wide variety of electric cars now on sale. These figures are based on 2016 registration numbers.

As always, you need a lifestyle that fits with EV ownership. If you do lots of short, local journeys, and have a place to charge an electric car, then you’re on to a winner. But most buyers will probably be better off with a plug-in hybrid or range-extender, which give you the benefits of electric drive, but without the range anxiety.


Best electric cars 2016

  1. BMW i3
  2. Tesla Model S
  3. Volkswagen e-up!
  4. Nissan Leaf
  5. Tesla Model X
  6. VW e-Golf
  7. Kia Soul EV
  8. Renault Zoe
  9. Ford Focus Electric
  10. Nissan e-NV200 Combi



If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email;


0161 406 3936

Kickstart 2017… Awesome deals to start the year!

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Time to get back to business. The mince pies have settled, the cumulative hangover has finally gone, the new year resolutions are in the bin and we are back to doing what we do best… Outstanding deals!

Here is a quick snap shot of what the start of 2017 has to offer…

BMW 2 Series

Back and as popular as ever, the pocket rocket 2 Series is back on offer. Whether you are looking to make the most out of this year’s sun with the cabriolet, want a super sporty coupe, or an economical motorway cruiser we have the deal for you. This versatile car gives the modern styling and technology which you would expect out of an executive car, but with the running costs and practicality of a hatchback. Definitely worth a look!


Mercedes C Class Coupe

What can we say about this car, the car has carried on the Mercedes revival with aplomb! One of the most asked for cars in 2016 is ready to roll for 2017 with a great stock offer, but don’t hang around too long or they’ll be gone and current lead time for a factory build is 14 weeks. Brilliant design married with the ever popular 220d Automatic engine means a great car for Business and Private users alike.


Volkswagen Scirocco

When talking about beautifully styled cars, the Scirocco has defiantly deserved its spot at the high table. The current deal on the 2.0 TDI Automatic R Line gives the sporty characteristics of the VW sports pack, married together with a powerful yet efficient Diesel Automatic. Perfect as a company car or private run-around for those who are style conscious without wanting to break the bank. High standard levels of specification make this deal so hot it won’t be around for long!


Like what you see?! Get in touch and we can talk you through these, or the many other deals we currently have on.

Our Number 0161 406 3936 or drop us an email

DSG Auto Contracts – Award winning business – Reviewed by

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NEWSFLASH – Award Winning Business – DSG Auto Contracts has been awarded an Honest John Highly Approved Trader Award 2017, the category ‘Car Buying & Leasing’. This is what they had to say;
Well, I am delighted to tell you that, once again, DSG Auto Contracts has been selected to receive a HAT Award.

We at only present these awards to businesses who offer products and services that Honest John would recommend himself. HAT Awards are to recognise best practice within the UK motor trade and are only provided to ‘Highly Approved Traders’ – businesses that we feel provide excellent services to motorists, and really go the extra mile.

A guide to the the changes facing the Car Salary Sacrafice Schemes

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What is the Government doing to Salary Sacrifice schemes?

The Government is changing the tax treatment of benefits received through Salary Sacrifice schemes. From April 2017, most such benefits will be subject to Income Tax (for the employee) and National Insurance Contributions (for the employer). These levies will be imposed on the highest of either the salary sacrificed or the taxable value of the benefit itself.

Why is it doing this?

In the Autumn Statement, the Government said the change is ‘to promote fairness and broaden the tax base’. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, spelt out the ‘fairness’ argument in his speech: ‘The majority of employees pay tax on a cash salary,’ he said, ‘but some are able to sacrifice salary and pay much lower tax on benefits in kind. This is unfair, and so from April 2017 employers and employees who use these schemes will pay the same taxes as everyone else.’ HMRC expects to get an extra £260 million a year from the changes.

Does that include Salary Sacrifice cars?

Yes. New Salary Sacrifice car schemes will be subject to Income Tax and employer’s NICs from April. Today, a salary sacrifice car is taxed as a company car and the employee does not pay income tax on the salary sacrificed. From April 2017, if the salary sacrifice amount is higher than the company car tax, then this will be used for the basis of taxation and income tax is due on the sacrifice. Employee National Insurance remains unaffected. However, ULEVs will be exempt from these changes.

What are Ultra Low Emission Vehicles?

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles: any car that emits less than 75 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. That mostly means electric cars, whether plug-in or hybrid.

What about existing Salary Sacrifice schemes?

Any Salary Sacrifice arrangements already in place before 6th April 2017 will be protected from the changes until April 2018 or – in the case of cars, school fees and accommodation – April 2021. Guidance is being sought as to whether this means orders in place or vehicles delivered.

Are there any other exceptions?

Pension contributions and advice, childcare and cycle-to-work schemes will all be exempt from the changes, along with ULEVs.

Does this apply to cash-alternative car schemes?

Yes. HMRC has made clear that it will treat schemes where employees have the option of choosing between a company car and a cash alternative just the same as Salary Sacrifice car schemes.

The rate of Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) is changing in April 2017.

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Who is likely to be affected?

Purchasers of cars first registered from 1 April 2017 onwards.  Please note that if you order a new car now and it is delivered after the 1st April then you will still be charged the new rates.

General description of the measure

This measure reforms Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for cars first registered from 1 April 2017 onwards. First Year Rates (FYRs) of VED will vary according to the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the vehicle. A flat Standard Rate (SR) of £140 will apply in all subsequent years, except for zero-emission cars for which the SR will be £0. Cars with a list price above £40,000 will attract a supplement of £310 on their SR for the first 5 years in which a SR is paid. All cars first registered before 1 April 2017 will remain in the current VED system, which will not change. The new rates and bands for the post-2017 VED system are set out in the table below:


Policy objective

The current VED structure based on CO2 bands was introduced in 2001 when average UK new car emissions were 178 gCO2/km. The Band A threshold of 100 gCO2/km below which cars pay no VED was introduced in 2003 when average new car emissions were 173 gCO2/km. Since then, to meet EU emissions targets average new car emissions have fallen to 125 gCO2/km. This means that an increasingly large number of ordinary cars now fall into the zero- or lower-rated VED bands, creating a sustainability challenge and weakening the environmental signal in VED. This is set to continue as manufacturers meet further EU targets of 95 gCO2/km set for 2020. Additionally, the system results in significant unfairness as owners of newer cars pay little or no VED while owners of older cars generally pay higher rates.

The reformed VED system retains and strengthens the CO2-based FYRs to incentivise uptake of the very cleanest cars whilst moving to a flat SR in order to make the tax fairer, simpler and sustainable. To ensure those who can afford the most expensive cars make a fair contribution, a supplement of £310 will be applied to the SR of cars with a list price (not including VED) over £40,000, for the first 5 years in which a SR is paid.


The infromation in this article has been taken dirctly from here –

Top Ten Cars Sold in the UK – 2016

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It’s the time of the year where we like to do two things, reflect on how the year has gone (and how quick!) and look at lists. So as not to disappoint here are the top ten vehicles registered in the UK in 2016! None of these will come as a massive surprise but the volume of some might;

  1. Audi A3

37,521 Registrations to date


A perennial favourite for Business fleets and private individuals for as long as we can remember; High quality interiors and the addition of fuel efficient petrol engines bolster a strong line up. The only reason we can think it is not higher up the list this year is the slight face lift this summer having an impact on lead times. Our pick: 1.4 TFSI Sportback Sport. High Standard spec without breaking the bank, smart styling and a punchy engine with impressive fuel efficiency.

  1. Mercedes C Class

37,918 Registrations to date

What a great two years Mercedes are having with their updated C and E Class models. The C Class has become the go to Compact Executive car fighting off stiff competition from the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and new kid on the block; Jaguar XE. Upmarket interiors and slick exteriors have modernised the dated stigma of the previous boxy C Class and low emission fuel efficient automatics tick the right boxes for company car drivers. Our Pick: C220d AMG Line Automatic. Where the coupe looks gorgeous lead times and price favour the saloon along with the practicality of 4 doors.

  1. Mini Hatch

39,913 Registrations to Date

Back in 2013 if I told you that a 5 door mini would be a runaway hit you would have laughed in my face! However, that is exactly what it has become, with a strong brand identity, which has only become more practical with an extra 2 doors, competitive pricing has taken away a proportion of the BMW 1 Series market and made this one of the go to statement hatches! Our Pick: Mini Clubman Cooper D Chili Pack. Why not add another 2 doors and see what Mini have done to make estates beautiful, and with Sat Nav built in as standard and a punchy 2.0 Diesel engine these are exceptional value for money.



  1. Volkswagen Polo

47,161 Registrations to Date

The current MK5 model has been out since 2009 but still looks fresh and is a mainstay of the small hatch market. Famous reliability, build quality and low insurance and running costs make this run around perfect for all the family. Our Pick: Polo 1.8 GTI 3dr DSG. Contrary to our previous statements, the impressive 192 horse power Polo shows that under the sensible guise the polo really is a driver’s car, especially when married with the famous DSG gearbox!

  1. Vauxhall Astra

49,756 registrations to Date

Want a British built car but can’t afford a Noble or McLaren; The Vauxhall Astra will fill that space and leave you money to spare. The MK7 is such an all-rounder boasting amazing practical space, brilliant clean engines and pioneering in car technology such as the On Star Wi-Fi and Crash response which surely will trickle down to all cars in the not so distant future. Our Pick: Astra Sri Nav 1.6 CDTI Ecoflex. What’s more to say, than great value for money, great fuel efficiency and great technology.

  1. Nissan Qashqai

55,238 Registrations to Date

This came as a surprise to us, only one crossover in the top ten, and it is of course the ever popular Nissan Qashqai. For those who like the higher driving position, and bags of modern technology, these are almost the perfect family car, dealing with city life just as well as a family road trip!  Our Pick: Qashqai N Connecta 1.2 DigT X Tronic. A 1.2 Crossover, are you mad? Defiantly not, 110 horse are more than sufficient and the well balanced automatic transmission makes the school run a doddle!

  1. Volkswagen Golf

59,474 Registrations to Date

This is the benchmark all family hatchbacks set themselves against. Since the 1970’s the handling and ride combined with excellent quality interiors the car speaks for itself. With a loyal fan base this car doesn’t look like it will ever stop being a go to car for those looking for space, efficiency and reliability. Our Pick: Golf GTD 5dr. Powerful and loaded with spec, including Heated seats, Sat Nav, adaptive cruise control, whilst having low CO2 emissions and high fuel efficiency, it’s the motorway drivers dream!

  1. Ford Focus

61,233 Registrations to Date


Uttered in the same breath as the Golf, the Focus has been reborn with its new smart front end, and addition of a 1 litre ecoboost engine. It finished third in 2015 as well showing that its popularity is as strong as ever. Our Pick: Focus St Line Nav 1.5 TDCI. A high level of spec and a brilliant looking Styling pack makes this family hatch the edge over its main competitors, allowing the look of a boyracer car with low every day running costs.

  1. Vauxhall Corsa

68,831 Registrations to Date

Vauxhall must be building small shrines to their designers, just like the Astra the new style Corsa has taken the small hatch market by storm. The modern styling married with famous low running costs have cemented this car as a parents and child’s first car dream. Finishing second in 2015 as well surely the top spot will be in their sights for next year. Our Pick: Corsa Energy 1.4 Ecoflex 3 Dr. Looks awesome, drives well, and with surprising features such as cruise control and heated seats, and the modern touch screen display, you get a whole lot of car for your money.


1.Ford Fiesta

103,945 Registrations to Date

What can we say about the Fiesta, the most popular car in the UK again, and not by a few registrations, but by over 35,000 units! This is possibly the best all-rounder car on the market today. A grown up ride and handling elevates this from being just a first time car, and with a strong presence on the road they are quite a head turner in a market full of good looking small hatchbacks. Our Pick: Fieta ST Line Navigation 1.0 Ecoboost 140. Wow this feels like the real deal, with great pick up and stability through the corners, youll have a permanent smile on your face, and cheap insurance and running costs will only add to that!


What’s your favourite? Let us know, and any early predictions for next year?

Electric Company Cars – Does the Tax stack up

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How will the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles effect company car tax ?


Between March 2014 and Match 2015 there was a massive rise of electric vehicles sold and registered in the UK. But what constitutes massive? 50 % increase – 175 % increase? Well how does 984% sound? This October the number of Electric cars on British roads has gone over 85,000! And the main reason for that is people like yourselves… Company car drivers who are sick of high Benefit in Kind charges.

Many business owners would probably benefit from running a personal lease, compared to running their high end executive saloon through the business and saving on corporation tax, when their personal tax contributions massively outweigh the perceived saving. No longer is the choice of hybrid and electric car the exclusive domain of the Californian Lifestyle car… the Prius. Now BMW Mercedes Audi, Volkswagen all offer PHEV and fully electric vehicles in their line up, and new kids on the block Tesla are taking the industry by storm.

But can the slightly higher rentals be justified when put side by side by their electric counterparts. To look at this closer let’s look at the hugely impressive BMW 330e compared to its older brother the 320d. Both are comfortable executive saloons boasting Sat Nav and Bluetooth and DAB as standard. But which makes your money work harder for you?



Let’s start by looking at the confusing world of benefit in kind tax or BIK. BIK is calculated with the cost price of the car, plus VAT delivery and chargeable options over £100 (the P11d value of the car) and a percentage determined by the carbon dioxide emissions; the higher the emissions the higher the percentage.

The employee’s Benefit in Kind is taxed at their own personal tax rate (20% or 40% marginal rate etc.). To get the actual amount payable over the year first multiply the BIK percentage by the P11d value, then by the employee’s tax rate. Below is an example for the afore mentioned BMW’s;


As shown the BIK percentages on hybrid vehicles really do negate higher list prices. Rentals on electric vehicles are also boosted by the scaled government OLEV grants. And the businesses can also benefit; as there are First Year Allowances (FYA) available on Ultra low emission vehicles where the cost of the vehicle can be claimed against corporation tax.

A director or employee who is provided with a company car and receives free fuel will be taxed on this as a benefit in kind.  Fuel benefit is also based on CO2 emissions and fuel type. But the government do not consider electricity to be a fuel for the purposes: “Car Fuel Benefit Charge – as electricity is not a fuel, there is currently no fuel benefit charge.”  from this handy government guide: FACTSHEET – Tax implications of ultra low emission vehicles. This is great news if your company pays for your electric ‘fuel’. A company can have an electric charging station at their offices and there is no benefit in kind tax for any employee that uses it to charge their car. So, potentially driving to work and back home again could be on pure electricity and there is no tax charge!

If you would like any further information on the above feel free to contact us, and explain how our services could not only benefit your business but alsosave you some money.ev-sales-by-year

Family Cars for Under £200

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This is one of our most common requests; What Can I get for £200 doing 10,000 miles per year with about £2000 to put up front. If that sounds like you look no further! Here are three cracking cars which are big enough for the whole family, but won’t break the bank.


Hyundai I30 Bluedrive SE


This car is often overlooked but combines space, modern styling and an abundance of technology. The frugal 1.6 Bluedrive diesel engine has the perfect combination of pulling power and fuel efficiency and is able to hit figures as high as 78.4 MPG. Standard features include Bluetooth, Rear Parking sensors and LED Daytime running lights! A batch of these I30’s are available in different colours for a December delivery (as long as you are quick) for only £179.99 assuming 10,000 miles PA a 24 month contract with £1,620 as your initial rental… What a deal!


Fiat 500X Cross Nav


Now this car is a head turner, the cool styling of the Iconic Fiat 500 married with the space and practicality of a crossover. Boasting beautiful alloys and an integrated Sat Nav system this car gives you plenty of value for your hard earned money. Cheap to insure for the size of car and fuel efficient this car just keeps on ticking boxes. For a Black Red or White 500X a 24 month contract works out at only £167.99 with only £1,515 initial rental assuming 10,000 miles PA. Available for December delivery.


Vauxhall Astra SRI


This modern car is perfect for those of you who like a bit of zip and pull whilst also being practical for the kids. He 1.4 TSI engine is perfect to insure and is great for nipping the family all over, whether to school or on holiday! The best thing is the price, £179.99 a month and only £1,565 initial rental assuming 10,000 miles PA. Cruise control, Sat Nav and sharp 17” alloys make this sporty number outstanding punch per pound!


Deals Worth Sharing – November – Hot Hatch Special

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Horsepower for the holidays!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all like to look over at the car next to us, give them ‘the look’ and twitch our right foot.

These cars can be looked upon just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In the check side for the good Dr is modern technology allowing high fuel efficiency through cleaner petrol engines, plenty of space, as well as a cockpit of gadgets and gizmos that make the daily commute a breeze. However, under this nice demeanour lies a monster waiting to be set free! These cars pack more punch than an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday! Mr Hyde sports big alloys and smart sporty styling. Sharp handling and most importantly horsepower in abundance. Married together these split personality cars make up the modern Hot hatch and here is what DSG have put together for you this weekend…


Ford Fiesta ST Line Ecoboost 125 HP 3 Door Navigation

Now you might not think this car would hold its own along with the cars further down the list however to put this into perspective the Mk I Golf GTI produced 112 hp out of a 1.8 petrol engine. This light weight wonder of modern technology squeezes 125 horses out of a light weight and efficient 1.0 Ecoboosted engine! Not only does this car shift like a scalded cat, it is also capable of getting up to 65 mpg! This sharp looking fiesta pleases the boy racer inside but also on a practical basis is cheap to insure and has plenty of toys including Sat Nav and DAB radio. Get yours here from only £124.99 + VAT. This deal is available for both Business and Personal customers.


VW Polo GTI 192 HP 3 Door

 A perennial favourite and the Drivers choice of small hot hatches this pocket rocket oozes style without slapping you around the face! This Polo is truly one of the best value for money deals we have ever had on! Pick yourself up a bargain and drive one of these before Christmas from only £144.99 + VAT. With 192 eager horses ready to put a smile on your face, this GTI is truly best in class! This deal is available for both business and personal customers.


Vauxhall Astra SRI Nav 1.4T 16V 150

You are reading this and thinking… The partner defiantly won’t go for a 3 door not with the kids! Don’t despair, the new Vauxhall Astra SRI Nav has you covered, big enough to keep the whole family happy whilst also having enough grunt a zip to keep that country road as exciting as Silverstone! For the Same Price as the Polo you can have the best of both worlds along with fantastic modern styling, and future proofed technology, to find out more click here!