France plan to ban Fossil Fuel Cars by 2040

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The French government has set out an ambitious goal for no more petrol or diesel cars to be sold in the country by 2040.

The target was announced by environment minister Nicolas Hulot as part of far-reaching efforts to wean the world’s sixth biggest economy off fossil fuels.

At a news conference unveiling a five-year government plan to encourage clean energy and meet France’s commitments under the Paris climate accord, Hulot said French car manufacturers have projects that “can fulfil that promise”.

His appeal came a day after Sweden’s Volvo became the first major car maker to pledge to stop making cars powered solely by the internal combustion engine.

France is unusually dependent on diesel fuel, blamed for pollution that often chokes the French capital. The Paris mayor wants to ban diesel vehicles by 2020.

Hulot’s plan would cover the whole country and also target petrol cars, but it could face resistance from manufacturers and drivers. He proposed aid for poorer families to buy cleaner vehicles.

The maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, PSA Group, said the environment minister’s pledge fits with its goal of offering hybrid or electric versions of 80 per cent of its cars by 2023.

But even if France eventually bans sales of diesel and petrol vehicles, PSA spokeswoman Laure de Servigny said the company will continue making such cars for foreign markets.

“We are a global player,” she said. “You have to take into account the situation globally.”

What are your thoughts?

Will my cracked, chipped or damaged windscreen fail an MOT?

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My windscreen has damage on it, will it fail an MOT?

Your car’s windscreen is a vital part of your car and it does a lot more than keep the flies off your teeth, it maintains a good vision of the road ahead.

Image result for windscreen cracks


We have all been there, smeary wipers, low sun, and dead flies all reducing your visibiliy.  There are a few simple things that you can do to improve vision a lot by making sure that your windscreen is clean, inside and outside.

  • Even if you’re not a smoker a hazy film will build up on the inside of the glass, in newer cars, this is worse as the plastics in the car give off a residue.
  • If you have a scratches, abrasions or a chips on the outside this can makethe  dazzle from the sun even worse.
  • If you notice your swiper baldes are not clearing properly, then new ones are a simple and cost effective fix, many suppliers will also fit them for free of a small charge.  It is worth keeping an eye on the condition of these, over time the rubber can harden and reduce the ability to wipe the screen.
  • Use plenty of screen wash, in the summer use 20% wash to water, then in the winter, consider increasing this to 50%, this will help clear the salt off the screen and also reduce the risk of freezing.

Cracks or Chips

Depending on its size and position, a chip on your windscreen can be a distraction or even impair vision.

Damage of up to 40mm across can sometimes be repaired, depending on where in the screen it is situated.

  • If the damage is right in front of you – in the area known as the ‘A zone’ – only damage up to 10mm (slightly less than the size of a 5 pence coin) can be repaired
  • Repair involves cleaning and drying the damaged area and filling it with a clear resin with similar optical properties to glass, you will see an image below showing a repair.
  • The damage won’t completely disappear but the repaired area will be much less visible and have a smooth surface
  • If ignored, small chips can grow and become irreparable. Secondary cracks can form through the combined effect of heat, moisture, frost, dirt and vibration
  • Any dirt or moisture getting into the chip will make it more difficult to produce a visually acceptable repair so it’s important to act quickly
Image result for windscreen cracks resin repair
The MOT test

Depending on where it’s located, some windscreen damage will result in an MOT failure if not attended to.

The screen’s divided into two areas for the MOT.

  • Damage larger than 10mm across will normally result in a failure if it’s in the ‘A-zone’, a 290mm wide band centred on the steering column and bounded top and bottom by the windscreen wiper swept area
  • Damage larger than 40mm across will normally result in failure anywhere else on the windscreen
Image result for windscreen cracks
Windscreen wipers

Your car can fail the MOT if a wiper blade is insecure, missing, or in such a condition that it doesn’t clear the windscreen effectively to give you an adequate view of the road (through the windscreen) to the left and right sides of the vehicle, as well as to the front.

Wipers that judder, make a noise, leave bands of rain or unwashed margins should be replaced.


What are the new rules on Speeding in the UK? New fines and point system from April 2017

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The Government has decided to introduce tougher penalties for the most serious speeding offences, following statistics that indicate that the number of speeding offences has risen by 44% over the last five years. The new penalties came into force on 24 April 2017 in England and Wales (note that Scotland is excluded), and mean that offending drivers will now pay a fine based on a percentage of their weekly income, decided by the severity of the offence.


For fixed penalty notices, there are no changes, with a £100 fine and three penalty points. However, for those drivers summoned to court for speeding offences the penalties are changing. Previously, drivers faced fines of up to 100% of their weekly income, with a minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points. Following the changes, fines will now be split into bandings, with Band C fines costing the worst offenders up to 175% of their weekly income. Drivers may also risk being banned from the roads for up to 56 days, or alternatively could receive six points on their licence.

The maximum fines will remain the same, with offenders being fined up to £1000, or £2500 if the offence takes place on a motorway. As noted earlier, the minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points also remains unchanged.

First time offenders may avoid the increased penalties if they take a speed awareness course, however this is not available for repeat offenders or for more serious speeding offences.


As a result of the changes, here are some worked examples of the new fine structure. All figures are based on the UK’s average salary of £27,600 (as stated by the Office of National Statistics):

Speeding Fine changes in April 2017 – up to 150% of weekly wage.

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What happens if you get caught Speeding now?

From April 2017 the rules around speeding and the fines/penalties issued are changing.  The fines issued will be linked to your weekly wage, so the faster you go and the more you earn, the greater the penalty.

What happens if you get caught driving between 31 to 40 MPH in a 30 MPH Zone? – You are likely to get a fine of 50% of your weekly income and three points on your licence.

What happens if you get caught driving between 41 to 50 MPH in a 30 MPH Zone? – You are likely to get a fine of 100% of your weekly income and 4 to 6 points on your licence or a disqualification of between 7 and 28 days.

What happens if you get caught driving between 51 or above in a 30 MPH Zone? – You are likely to get a fine of 150% of your weekly income and 6 points on your licence or a disqualification of between 7 and 56 days.

What is a 30 MPH Zone?

This is a built up area in which the speed limit is automatically set at 30 MPH, these roads are restricted roads and are identified easily as they will have street lights.  Another definition is ‘unless an order has been made and the road is signed to the contrary, a 30 mph speed limit applies where there are three or more lamps throwing light on the carriageway and placed not more than 183 metres apart.

What happens if I get caught speeding in a leased car or van?

The majority of leased cars or vans are not registered in your own name.  If you have a car or van on a personal or business contract, that is owned by a vehicle finance, hire or leasing company then any speeding notifications will be sent to them first, then they process the paperwork and then send this on to you with a charge, normally about £35-50+VAT.

So, be a good driver, keep safe and within the speed limits and avoid the costs!


Land Rover & Range Rover factory order lead time update.

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How long will it take to factory order a New Land Rover or Range Rover model?

If you are looking to factory order a new Land Rover to your own specification with DSG Auto Contracts, then this is an idea of the latest factory lead times, they are typical examples of what you can expect to wait.

If you would like a business or personal contract hire, lease or purchase quote on a new Land Rover then please get in touch here.

Click here for a list of all of our latest car leasing deals on new Land Rover models.

Land Rover Model Derivative Exxpected Delivery  month  
All-New Discovery 2.0 Sd4 derivatives July 17 (subject to constraints)
3.0 Td6 derivatives August 17 (subject to constraints)
3.0 Si6 Supercharged Petrol derivatives September 17
Discovery Sport 2.0 Diesel 150PS June 17
2.0 Diesel 180PS Manual June 17
2.0 Diesel 180PS Auto July 17
RR Evoque Auto derivatives except Convertible July 17
Manual derivatives except eD4 June 17
Petrol Convertible June 17
Diesel Convertible June 17
eD4 5 Door July 17
eD4 Coupe July 17
Petrol derivatives July 17
RR Sport 3.0 V6 Diesel July 17
4.4 SDV8 Diesel June 17
V8 Supercharged AB & SVR August 17
3.0 S/C V6 Petrol August 17
2.0 SD4 HSE June 17
Hybrid derivatives Subject to separate comms
Range Rover SDV8 SWB July 17
SDV8 LWB July 17
All TDV6 derivatives August 17
Supercharged August 17
Supercharged LWB September 17
SVAutobiography & SVAutobiography Dynamic September 17
Hybrid derivatives Subject to separate communication

For more info on any of the above simply call the office on 0161 406 3936.

Cheap Audi A3 Car Leasing Special Offers & in STOCK

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Audi A3 Sportback Car Leasing Deal 

We have secured a deal on the following Audi A3 Sportback models, they are all in stock and ready to go for a quick delivery. Available on both Business and personal contract hire, we can offer these on different annual mileage rates.

To secure your car, call the office now on 0161 406 3936.

These are all based on 6+35 Payments and 8,000 Miles per annum.

A3 Sportback 1.6TDI (110) Sport – Ibis white, folding mirrors, comfort pack, hill hold assist.

Monthly payments £ 231.04 plus vat


A3 Sportback 1.6TDI (110) S-Line – Vegas Yellow, Heated front seats, black roof rails.

Monthly payments £ 255.46 plus vat


A3 Sportback 1.6TDI (110) S-Line – Cosmos Blue, Front and rear parking sensors (27005205 at the storage centre) same car available in Tango red.

Monthly payments £ 258.27 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) SE Technik – Tango Red with 17” 5 arm alloys.

Monthly payments £ 237.80 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) SE Technik – Tango Red with a comfort pack.

Monthly payments £ 244.26 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) Sport – Nano Grey, Folding door mirrors, hill hold assist

Monthly payments £ 258.69 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) Sport – Brilliant Black, Folding door mirrors, Comfort pack, hill hold assist.

Monthly payments £ 261.25 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) Sport – Floret Silver, Folding door mirrors, Comfort pack, hill hold assist.

Monthly payments £ 277.31 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) Sport – Tango Red, rear parking sensors, comfort pack and interior lighting pack.

Monthly payments £ 289.48 plus vat


A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (150) S-Line – Floret Silver, rear parking sensors, deletion of model and engine, privacy 18” 10 spoke alloys.

Monthly payments £ 277.54 plus vat

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

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Is a DPF filter right for me?

Are you looking at a new car?   Have you considering what type of fuel to choose between, Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid or Electric?

Well this might help you decide if a diesel engine with a DPF filter is suitable for your driving style.  If you would like to know more about how a DPF works then feel free to cal the office on 0161 406 3936.


Diesel particulate filters are necessary to reduce the amount of harmful particles released from diesel vehicles.

Although particulate filters are very effective in dramatically reducing the amount of particulates emitted from diesel vehicles, most filters need to burn the trapped particulates off fairly regularly, known as regeneration.

This usually requires the vehicle to be driven at over 50mph for a short period of time. This fact sheet will help you decide whether vehicles using particulate filters are suitable for your drivers.



Diesel particulate filters are used to reduce the exhaust emissions as required by European legislation, especially particulate matter. A particulate filter traps most of the soot that is produced during diesel combustion and would normally travel down the exhaust and into the atmosphere. These particulates can cause respiratory problems if people are exposed to high concentrations over time.



A filter can hold a certain amount of soot, but not a huge quantity, so it needs to regularly go through a process of regeneration in order to clear out the soot and allow the vehicle to operate properly. Regeneration occurs when the filter reaches a sufficiently high temperature, allowing the soot to be converted to a much smaller amount of ash. On most systems, to allow the filter to automatically regenerate, the engine should be used regularly at a sufficient speed, to ensure a high enough temperature of the exhaust gas is reached. Although it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, typically a vehicle must be driven at 50mph or above for at least 20 minutes in order to automatically regenerate the filter. During the regeneration phase, high temperatures in the filter may cause a slight smell, especially during the first regeneration.



If the vehicle is not driven in a way that automatically regenerates the particulate filter, it will build up an excessive amount of soot, which, if not resolved, will reduce the performance of the vehicle and damage the filter.

If the filter does build up too much soot, a vehicle warning light will appear to alert the driver. The problem can usually be resolved by allowing the filter to automatically regenerate until the warning light goes out – i.e. by driving the vehicle at 50mph or above for at least 20 minutes. The vehicle handbook will have specific guidance for the vehicle.  If traffic conditions and speed limits do not allow the vehicle to be driven so that the filter regenerates, it will have to be returned to a dealer for a forced regeneration to clear the filter. If the warning light is ignored and the vehicle is driven without regenerating the filter, it will cause damage to the vehicle, which will not be covered by warranty or our maintenance agreement. We are aware of businesses in the UK who have incurred costs in the region of £1,000 to £1,500 after a driver has failed to follow the correct regeneration process.



The majority of vehicle manufacturers now have diesel particulate filters that require the regeneration cycle to be driven, but not all. Some have systems that can heat up the particulate filter and regenerate it without the need for a higher speed drive cycle. Some inject fuel straight into the filter which burns and therefore increases the temperature in the filter, and others have heaters built into the filter. For specific details of individual models, please refer to manufacturers’ websites.



If drivers are restricted in their ability to regenerate a diesel particulate filter through driving at higher speeds, there are other vehicles that can be chosen which do not use this technology. Diesel models with the built-in heating systems are an option, or alternatively, a petrol, petrol hybrid, electric or alternatively fuelled vehicle may be more suitable, especially in urban only driving conditions.



Diesel particulate filters significantly reduce harmful emissions and are vital for diesel vehicles meeting European tailpipe emissions, but care is needed when using this technology in predominantly urban driving conditions. Therefore check the type of particulate filter on any diesel car with an urban drive-cycle and make sure it’s suitable, otherwise consider a different fuel type or vehicle technology.

New London Air Quality Measure Launches in October

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed that the £10 toxic T-Charge, the toughest emission standard of any world city hitting most vehicles over 11 years old, will start in central London on October 23rd this year.

To forewarn motorists, the Mayor has launched a free online vehicle checker on the Transport for London website so that drivers can see whether their vehicle – typically both petrol and diesel more than 11 years old – will be affected by the T-Charge.

Up to 10,000 of the oldest, most polluting vehicles are expected every weekday to be potentially liable for the new emissions levy, which will apply to motorists who own vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards – generally every kind of vehicle, diesel and petrol, registered before 2006.

Exemptions include fire engines and ambulances and breakdown vehicles exempted from the Congestion Charge, as well as Blue Badge holders registered for the 100% Congestion Charge discount who will be automatically registered and vehicles used by disabled people that have a ‘disabled’ taxation class, such as Dial-a-Ride and modified vehicles.

The T-charge (also known as the Emissions Surcharge) will operate on top of, and during the same operating times, as the Congestion Charge (Monday to Friday 7am-6pm), so it will cost £21.50 to drive a pre-Euro 4 vehicle in the zone.

Air pollution in London is a public health crisis and the Mayor has been forced to take hard-hitting action to tackle it head on. Currently over 9,000 Londoners die prematurely each year as a result of long-term exposure to air pollution – while 438 schools in the capital are in areas exceeding legal air quality levels.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “It’s staggering that we live in a city where the air is so toxic that many of our children are growing up with lung problems. If we don’t make drastic changes now we won’t be protecting the health of our families in the future.

“That is why today, on the 14th anniversary of the start of the congestion charge, I’ve confirmed we are pressing ahead with the toughest emission standard of any major city, coming to our streets from October 23rd .

“Londoners overwhelmingly support my plans to introduce this £10 charge because they feel when it comes to battling pollution the time for action is now.

“The T-Charge is a vital step in tackling the dirtiest diesels before I introduce the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone as early as 2019.
“I will continue to do everything in my power to help protect the health of Londoners and clean our filthy air. But now is the time for Government to show real leadership and join me by introducing a diesel scrappage fund and bring in the new Clean Air Act we desperately need.”

Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport, said: “London’s air quality crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face and we are working alongside the Mayor to address it.

“The T-Charge is a crucial part of this work and will discourage drivers of the oldest, most polluting vehicles from driving in central London. To help drivers we have created an online compliance checker, which can be found on the TfL website, that enables people to easily establish whether they will be affected by the charge.”

Like the Congestion Charge, the T-Charge will use a camera-based system for enforcement, monitoring all vehicles, and is just one of the wide range of measures the Mayor is introducing to improve air quality.

The Mayor has doubled funding spent on tackling air quality to £875million (over the next five years) and will be consulting on introducing the start the central London ULEZ in 2019, expanding the ULEZ up to the North/South Circular roads and making it London-wide for heavy vehicles as early as 2019.
He is also spending more than £300m transforming London’s bus fleet by phasing out pure double-deck diesel buses and has committed to purchase only hybrid or zero-emission double-decker buses from 2018.


We do maintenance… Avoid suprise Servicing MOT and Tyre costs

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Ask about our fully maintained contracts…


The benefits of taking a full service, maintenance and tyre package on a car or van lease…..

Here at DSG Auto Contracts we can offer a comprehensive maintenance package that covers most of your car or van motoring costs.  These include;

• Servicing, maintenance and repairs
• Tyres
• Breakdowns
• Road Fund Licence renewals

In all circumstances you will need to have your vehicle maintained if you wish to retain the warranty, comply with the finance or lease agreement and have the vehicle running efficiently.  These are some of the benefits of opting for such an agreement;

Low mileage/low rental – Generally for customers on a low budget – ideal as can easily budget on a monthly basis and no nasty surprises or bills to find.


High Mileage – Saves money and almost pays for itself on the tyres alone. Covers scheduled or unscheduled servicing throughout the term of the contract.


Give us a call if you have any further questions…


DSG Auto Contracts – Reviewed by our own customers on Trustpilot

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Online reviews – are they any good?

Do you believe every review your read online about a business?  No?  Okay, we understand why, we too are also buyers and often the reveiws look too good to be true.

So, we have decided to take all of our TrustPilot reviews and pull them into one place for you to read and then make your own mind up if you want to do lease/contract hire your new new car or van from us.

Each review has a unique reference number, this is our internal order number and can be verified, this is what our customers have to say;







Our order reference: DAC-02268-J5R5X6

Brilliant service

Made everything easy for me, guided me step by step and made the process of purchasing a car as easy as possible. Special thank you to Phil and Jo for all of their help and constant contact to keep me updated!


Our order reference: DAC-02176-M4L7X3
A highly recommended place to get a lease car

This is my first time I had taken out a lease contract car, and was feeling very afraid in taking this step. I highly recommend any one to go to DSG AUTOS Poor advisor Tommy Rimmer I had asked him a 101 question and I had called him many times too, before taking out the contract and he was happy to answer any of my questions I threw at him without any sweat. The process in getting this contract car was very easy and well structured. Thanks for your great service Tommy. Forwarding on to Jo Travis arranging my paper work Jo was on the ball felt like she was dedicated to my application and followed up as soon as anything else was required. Phil Kehoe just would like to express my thanks for reassuring and giving me the confidence, also you have a great team. Once again I would recommend anyone to go to DSG AUTO CONTRACTS 😉 Naveed


Our order reference: DAC-02261-J4F8B5
Second time using DSG

Second time I’ve used DSG. Very good company to deal with.


Our order reference: DAC-02252-M2X2W9

Great service and always available to assist, I would thoroughly recommend to use their services.


Our order reference: DAC-02135-C5P8N0
Would recommend

Great service from start to finish. Quick processing and no hidden charges. We will be using again.


Our order reference: DAC-02153-W2T4P8


All process was handled professionally


Our order reference: DAC-02175-B7Q0V3


Can’t fault Tommy and the team. Endless patience when I was choosing a car. Put up with all my questions. Very helpful. Everything ran smoothly.


Our order reference: DAC-02167-M1D5G9

Excellent service

I have recently taken delivery of my new 5 Series from DSG, customer service was excellent, they kept me informed of the process and delivery dates. Excellent company to deal with, would highly recommend


Our order reference: DAC-02173-B2J1S9

Very Satisfied

At all stages of the transaction I was kept fully informed and up to date with all relevant information that was needed. I have no hesitation in recommending DSG to my friends and colleagues and will use them again in the future.


Our order reference: DAC-02051-L5H1W1

First time leasing a brand new car was made so easy….too easy!

Leasing a brand new car, just like buying a new house can be exciting, however, it can also be a painful and uncomfortable experience for those of us who have a busy, hectic and stressful life, for not only do we wish to make the best choice, right decision, but we also want to make sure that our new car has everything we need and want and we also like to feel that we have made a good buy and somehow snapped up a good deal. In the past, my husband and I, have bought or leased cars from dealerships, this has consisted of numerous visits to the car showrooms to view the car and be at the receiving end of the hard sell from the sales team and this is time we really did not have. We even thought at the time that we were getting a good deal….that is until now! In October of this year, we decided to lease an additional new car and thought to explore a car leasing company instead of a car dealership and we will never look back. Not only was our purchase made very quickly, efficiently and easily, but we saved on those countless visits to the showroom and wasted time and small talk with sales people over coffee’s and pastries. The most significant and notable benefit though was definitely the money we saved via a leasing company and this time we definitely managed to clinch a good deal, much better than any dealership could offer. Our first point of contact was Phil Kehoe at DSG who made the whole process of buying a new car, as easy as doing the weekly grocery shopping! We only had to mention our specification for a new car and Phil assisted us by searching for the best cars to fit within our requirements. Within a matter of 2-3 weeks a new Mini Clubman was dropped off at our doorstep and we have enjoyed every minute of it. So pleased are we with the service and value for money that DSG have provided, that we have once again touched base with Phil to purchase our next car, a Mercedes E Class which will hopefully be arriving very soon. If anyone is thinking of leasing a new car, please do not bother with car dealerships, coffee and croissants, unless you have time to waste and don’t live near a Costa/Starbucks coffee shop. I personally recommend contacting DSG Auto for the best service and price!


Our order reference: DAC-02127-N6L5W6

Went out of their way to help.

Got me a great deal and then when there were delays getting the car (not the fault of DSG) did everything they could to help. I would recommend to anyone and already have. If they can get you a deal on a car you want – use them. November 2016


Our order reference: DAC-02106-X3V7L4

Good service by all

Good service by all


Our order reference: DAC-02108-B4Z6N0

Fantastic customer service

Great customer service from start to finish. Exceeded expectations, would recommend to both friends and colleagues.


Our order reference: DAC-02030-K3Z7X4

Brilliant Service

From start to finish the process has been perfectly smooth. The staff are amazing, always at hand to help, they keep you updated at all times. Spot on service, would recommend to all, very good value for money and amazing customer support.


Our order reference: DAC-02069-R1H3T2

Excellent Customer Focus

I have used Phil and the team for a number of years both personally and in my professional capacity and am always pleased with the efficient, transparent and highly competitive service they provide. I would happily recommend them to anyone whether it be for a single vehicle or to meet your fleet requirements.


Our order reference: DAC-02075-Z8Y4K1


Hassle free delivery. Keep up the good work.


Our order reference: DAC-02086-J2G5F6

Fantastic service from beginning to end!

Fantastic cars! Fantastic deals! These guys make the process of leasing a car incredibly easy. I wasn’t the most straightforward of clients to deal with, in terms of not having the right licence and recently becoming self-employed but they looked after me at every stage of the process. They communicate everything to you in a timely and professional way and they have the best deals available. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you’re thinking of using them for your next car, then give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Our order reference: DAC-02032-G4D9G1

Great service

I had a problem and it was resolved effectively. Recommend highly


Our order reference: DAC-02087-C8T5P5

Great Service

The team at DSG are excellent, making everything really easy and efficient.


Our order reference: DAC-02042-D2X9S2

Fab service

Really impressed with the simplicity of getting a new care through DSG. The special rate for the car I got was brilliant. I have already recommended DSG to friends and family.


Our order reference: DAC-02005-N9R8H5


Third car from these guys. Slick in every aspect. Highly recommended.


Our order reference: DAC-01152-C1V4R1Source: Kickstart

Great service

We found DSG really good to work with. At the pre-sales stage they were very quick to provide and adjust quotes and once we had placed the order the delivery team kept us informed on delivery times. I would recommend them without hesitation.


Our order reference: DAC-01772-F4T8L8

Very quick, fantastic!

I gave DSG specific details of what I needed; they got back to me in a very short space of time with a fantastic offer. Highly recommended


Our order reference: DAC-01990-Y3W2M6

Excellent Service for my new Merc

Ed and the team were get from the start of the process to the end. It was the first time I’d leased a car and they fully explained and questions or queries I had. The car came on time and when I expected and was a great price the Mercedes dealership I went too couldn’t get close to it!! I would totally recommend DSG and have done to others already.


Our order reference: DAC-01824-S2V4G8

Good deal

Tommy was able to secure the deal I wanted, even though it went through on the deadline, he persisted and made sure I got the agreed price. Great service and would use them again!


Our order reference: DAC-01837-B3C8H0

Great deal and service

Brilliant deal on a BMW 6 series. Smooth process with a great turnaround. Occasional glitches in admin but nothing that wasn’t sorted quickly.


Our order reference: DAC-01914-D9G8Q2


Couldn’t be easier. They were quick, efficient, responsive to questions and good fun. A1


Our order reference: DAC-01141-K1B8R8


The offer to lease a BMW GT seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t!! I was kept up to date with delivery dates etc. and my new car arrived at the lease price advertised. Would use this company again and have recommended to envious friends and family. Great company excellent customer service.


Our order reference: DAC-01544-X3Y6V9

Good, honest, straightforward service

Now on my second car with DSG and wouldn’t have come back if not completely satisfied. They know their market and provide an excellent service that is honest, straightforward, timely and polite. No hesitation in recommending.


Our order reference: DAC-01195-P5G6J0

Great company let down at times by dealer

A good positive experience when we deal with DSG, especially Phil but they are at the mercy of the supplying dealer when it comes to chasing up issues like delivery or other queries which when it is Ford is not great. Would have given 4.5 stars if I could have.


Our order reference: DAC-01464-N7M2X3

First class service

Phil and his team have supplied numerous vehicles to my businesses over the last 5 years. Exceptional professionalism. Would recommend their services unreservedly.


Our order reference: DAC-01396-H8J6H7

Excellent Service

I cannot fault the service from all at DSG. Excellent from quotation to delivery. I was kept up to date right throughout until delivery of the vehicle.


Our order reference:


Excellent customer service and friendly staff always eager to help. I would definitely recommend DSG.


Our order reference: DAC-01628-H2L0P7

DSG is a great partner for arranging our lease cars!!!!!

DSG have arranged a number of cars for my business over the last few years. They’re always really helpful and have a lot of knowledge about the best leasing options. Great service thank you!!!!!


Our order reference: DAC-01873-F7Y1F5


Excellent service


Our order reference: DAC-01958-Q1P2M1

5 Star Service

From first contact to vehicle delivery the experience was excellent. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff to assist with specifications and quotations. Very good weekly updates on delivery schedule. Would recommend the experience to anyone.


Our order reference: DAC-01890-K7R1H6

great suppliers

Very knowledgeable company on all aspects of car leasing.


Our order reference: DAC-01263-V2M3C0

Great service and honest opinions

I was a bit sceptical on leasing to begin with but gave DSG a ring after getting a recommendation from a friend. I had a great discussion with Phil Kehoe who took time to understand my requirements and then sought out the best deal for me based on my needs. I’m really happy with my car and the service I received from that first phone call to after sales. So much so, three friends/work colleagues have since also taken out leases with DSG after my recommendation to them. Thanks DSG.


Our order reference: DAC-01351-Z1Y7B5

Great pricing and customer service

Used DSG for two cars and they were able to be very competitive each time and super response times from Tommy. Will definitely use again.


Our order reference: DAC-01261-S6W0R2

Excellent service from start, to finish…and ongoing!

The team at DSG Autos provided excellent advice to me as a first time vehicle leaser, and after working through a few different car options and quotes, the ordering process was hassle free. The vehicle was delivered when they said it would be with good communication throughout, and the after service has been great, including their keeping in touch emails with useful reminders so I don’t forget to do anything! I have absolutely no hesitation when recommending DSG to friends and family, and look forward to arranging my next car through Phil and his team.


Our order reference: DAC-01348-W1P7Q1

Fantastic Service

Great deals and options available supported by a great team of professionals. Would definitely recommend DSG Auto Contracts to others!


Our order reference: DAC-01341-P6X6Q9

Regular customer

Used DSG for years and always get looked after by Phil and his team


Our order reference: DAC-01624-V8M0Y5

An Excellent Broker

I’m very happy with the service that DSG provided. They obtained the car I wanted with the exact spec at a price that was much better than that I was offered by the franchised dealer. Paperwork was handled painlessly and quickly and the whole transaction was a pleasure. Really good personalised service.


Our order reference: DAC-01518-N1M1P6

Great Experience

Couldn’t have been more helpful, emails every week keeping me in the loop, friendly helpful was painless.


Our order reference: DAC-01924-Z0C8N9

Easy and hassle free

Great offer and easily processed.


Our order reference: DAC-01659-V3N5J0

Great service, still using them.

I have had 12 cars from DSG Auto Contracts for various people within the business from a Range Rover down to a small van. The service is always superb. If there is ever an issue that arises then they are always on hand to help. It does not matter what vehicle you lease they have the knowledge and support to make your time with the car or van he best it can be. I am waiting on delivery of another vehicle and we are looking at two more for the next 6 months.


Our order reference: DAC-01886-F3C0R9

Simply Superb

Superb service through the entire process. Have already recommended DSG to friends and family.


Our order reference: DAC-01842-N7Z3S1

DSG Auto

Efficient deal from enquiry to car delivery and very competitive prices will use again.


Our order reference: DAC-01370-Z9D7N1

Fantastic company

I have been dealing with Phil and the team at DSG for the past 10 years and cannot find a single fault. They are very professional and very thorough throughout the whole process, and competitively priced to. If you are looking for a company that deliver a fast, professional and friendly service then look no further these are the best.


Our order reference: DAC-01280-K1M6P3

Excellent service!

The team at DSG were very helpful and friendly. They offered a great service talking me through all the options and explaining everything I needed to know. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.


Our order reference: DAC-01160-G4D2V2

Excellent service

Ordered my BMW 335d, took a couple of weeks longer than initially promised but can’t complain. The price was competitive and service and communication from DSG Leasing was excellent. I would recommend and would use again.



Our order reference: DAC-01163-M4Y5M5


This company offer a fabulous service for private and commercial leasing, they doing a fabulous job of find the car to your specification and dealing with whole process with you, good communication along the way and regular update on the progress of your vehicle.


Our order reference: DAC-01810-Q5N4F3

Superb Company

It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that doesn’t lose enthusiasm after you’ve made more than three changes to the spec’ of a vehicle because you’re trying to get the best value for money. It’s nice getting regular emails letting you know the progress of your vehicle and reassure you that you haven’t been forgotten after placing your order. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone. Thank you DSG


Our order reference: DAC-01449-P6S6W8

Phil Kehoe and his team are excellent

Phil Kehoe has sourced at least 5 cars for me over last 4yrs. I trust him to deliver the cars I need, using the right type of contract and at the best price possible. He is professional, prompt and very easy to talk to. His team at DSG backs him up and reflect the same attitude to deliver for the customer. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil Kehoe and DSG if you need to source a new car for business or personal use.


Our order reference: DAC-01851-S0F9R5

Helpful and Personal

Throughout the process, from enquiry through to delivery, the individuals and team were there to help and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to be looked after and listened to.


Our order reference: DAC-01594-K8V3S1

Very professional and reactive.

Personal service and very helpful


Our order reference: DAC-01232-Z9Q6T8

Great service and easy company to deal with

we have used Phil and his team at DSG Auto for our company cars for a number of years and they have always provided excellent service


Our order reference: DAC-01227-W8S0H9

The service is why we keep coming back.

We have attained a number of cars over the past 5 years from DSG Auto, and have always found them to be excellent to deal with from start to finish.


Our order reference: DAC-01647-Z5X6C7

Easy to deal with and car delivered to my door

The overall experience was excellent. Got a special deal on a BMW 330D and couldn’t believe how cheap the overall package was. Tried to change to an estate after order was placed and was too late – my fault for diving in to secure the great price. Only a couple of issues. The standard deal is for 8000 miles and in reality that is not suitable for most. Excess mileage charges are heavy. Overall great value and service


Our order reference: DAC-01285-Q6C5X7

First class

Great service from start to finish.


Our order reference: DAC-01900-Z0R8K7

Best company out there

Great company to deal with. Very prompt and quick. No delays and delivered the car on the date they promised. I 100% recommend them. Their price was also cheaper than other 5-6 companies I contacted. I’m a very happy customer.


Our order reference: DAC-01855-L8D5Z1

Excellent service and assistance

Ed and team have always been extremely helpful and would highly recommend, I have done to friends!


Our order reference: DAC-01046-T1S4B3

A Highly Professional Organisation

From the initial enquiry through to the delivery of the car and aftercare service, DSG dealt with everything in a professional and organised manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.


Our order reference: DAC-01114-N6B3B8

Outstanding company

From start to finish I have been delighted with the service from DSG Autos. They certainly exceeded all my expectations. Once I had chosen the vehicle I wanted to lease, all I had to do was sign the paperwork. My beautiful new car was delivered to my home within a week. All staff that I dealt with were informative, friendly and very helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DSG Autos to my family and friends.


Our order reference: DAC-01654-W9S8G7

Car lease

Fast, efficient, friendly service. Located the car I wanted for the monthly amount I was prepared to pay, finance approved same day, clear instructions for documentation required, all done via email, kept in touch every step of the way from vehicle leaving the factory, to on board ship, to delivered to dock, branch then to me. Car delivered to my place of work on designated delivery date complete with fuel!! Easiest car lease I have ever done! Wholly recommended. Thanks DSG, Julie Smith


Our order reference: DAC-01925-F3R8R4

Do what they say

Happy customer – great service and super price


Our order reference: DAC-01548-D9W8D0

Great company to deal with.

A great service at all times and the costs are very competitive. They will always try to match others, if you ask.


Our order reference: DAC-01850-L9X9V2

Exceptional service!

I’ve been using DSG for both business and personal contract hire for several years. The service they offer is first class throughout the entire process, from making an enquiry to delivery of the car.


Our order reference: DAC-01490-K0C4Z8

5* Service

DSG Auto made my experience of experiencing my first vehicle on lease agreement simple. They provided professional advice and offered me a variety of deals to suit my requirements. I would recommend them highly!


Our order reference: DAC-01673-V8F3T2


Great service and friendly people. Tailored everything to my needs. Couldn’t have asked for any more. Would recommend to anybody.