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Summer Crackdown on Drink Driving

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Greater Manchester Police have launched a campaign against drink driving this summer.

Police are aiming to patrol areas in Manchester around the clock during the month long operation, hoping to target and prevent suspected drink drivers.

Officers will also be using new portable drug testing machines, which provide instant tests to indicate whether a driver is under the influence of drugs. -1

Manchester Has Highest Percentage of Banned Drivers

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According to research carried out by ‘Mancunian Matters,’ Manchester currently has the most disqualified drivers per capita in the UK.

The statistics, which were derived from a freedom of information request, revealed that 0.6% of Manchester’s population (3,044 drivers) were banned at the time, the highest percentage of anywhere in the country.

Other shamed cities included:

  • Nottingham – 0.56% of the population banned
  • Birmingham – 0.33% of the population
  • London – 0.11% of the population -1

Summer Daytrips

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A study carried out last year by Halfords Autocentres revealed that around 8 out of 10 Brits were planning to take a summer daytrip, with around 87% of those planning to travel by car.

The car servicing company worked with leading psychologist Dr Geoff Rolls to understand the findings from the study.

Dr Geoff Rolls commented: “We remember the extraordinary rather than the mundane and so a memorable day trip is important for recharging the batteries and for our psychological well being.
Halfords Autocentres has conducted some fascinating research that shows not only how keen the nation is on day trips but how people intend to make the most of their time and money.” “A truly memorable day trip could be closer than you think and needn’t break the bank.” -1

How Car Leasing Works

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Car leasing is a method of hiring a new or used car for use over an agreed time, for a fixed monthly price.

Leasing is usually a long-term agreement, and offers you the exclusive use of a vehicle for around 24-60 months for a fixed amount of mileage (usually up to 150,000 miles).

When leasing a car or a van you never actually “own” the vehicle, which is often a cheaper alternative to purchasing, as leasers don’t have to worry about maintenance or depreciation.

How Does Leasing Work?

There are a number of methods to choose from when you lease with DSG Auto Contracts Ltd, but below is a general guide on how leasing works, and the benefits it can have.

1.Choose your vehicle

You can choose your vehicle from the wide range of cars and vans currently on the market, all of which are listed on our website. If you are unsure or would like some help in deciding what kind of vehicle would be most suitable for you or your business, then we have the experience and expertise to guide and advise you.

2.Select your finance package

Once you have decided on a vehicle, the next important decision is to choose which finance package suits your personal or business needs best. Our team are available to offer you advice and a complete explanation of all the options available to you.

3.Get a quote

We will then be able to give you a quote. We often have special offers on a number of our vehicles, and there are no hidden extras so you can rest assured that you are getting the most competitive car and van contract hire and leasing deal.

4.Make monthly payments

At the start of your lease, you will usually be required to pay an initial rental fee, equivalent to 6 months worth of payments. You will then make monthly finance rental payments for the duration of your lease.

The monthly payments are calculated so you don’t pay the full price for the vehicle; just for the amount of time you are actually going to use it for.

5.End of your contract

At the end of your contract you will be required to simply hand the vehicle back to us here at DSG Auto Contracts Ltd without any further obligations. You may then wish to take out a lease on another vehicle, or depending on your finance options, you may be able to purchase your vehicle(s) at the end of the contract period for a pre-determined payment (balloon payment).

With vehicles depreciating hugely, car leasing is the ideal solution for drivers who want to save money and avoid the hassle that comes with selling a car on.

The team at DSG Auto Contracts Ltd. are available if you need help at any stage during your lease, and happy to offer their advice. Simply get in touch for more info.

Pollen Count Peaks – Caution to Drivers

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It is thought that around 12 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever, an allergy to pollen.

While summer usually brings high levels of pollen, this year is reported to be particularly bad. Professor Jean Emberlin, Scientific Director of Pollen UK, warned, “early indications are that it could be severe.”

With the pollen count at its highest this year, risks are especially high for drivers who could face driving with their eyes shut. According to the AA, if you sneeze while driving at 70mph you could lose -1