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Get it RIGHT!

Choosing a vehicle leasing intermediary can be a tricky task, especially if you have not leased before.  The internet is full of websites that all appear to offer great deals, but do you know who you are dealing with?  Over the years we have seen plenty of business’s come and go, furthermore we have seen customers caught out by various scams.

Okay, so you know that you have to be careful, but what should you look out for?  How can you tell a good business from a bad one?  Here are a few things that make a good business;

Appointed agents

DSG Auto Contracts are appointed agents of the following leasing companies, Network Vehicles Ltd (Leaseplan), Lex Autolease (part of  Lloyds TSB) Alphera (BMW Finance).  To become an intermediary of these large companies, you need to be good, in fact you need to be the best.  They all chose their partners with care and once appointed we are regularly audited to ensure we maintain the high standards they expect.  What does this mean to you?  It means continuous commitment to working in partnership with the lenders allowing us to deliver an industry leading proposition to you, our customer.


BVRLA Network ALphera


DSG Auto Contracts are a Leasing Broker Member of the British Vehicle Leasing and Rental Association and we operate our business accordance to the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct.

Established Limited Company

We are a UK Limited company, registered in 2003 at Companies House, our number is 4708911.  Feel free to check us out.

Consumer Credit Licence

We hold a consumer credit licence, our number is 546153, this covers Consumer Credit,  Consumer Hire, Credit Brokerage and Debt Administration assuring you that the business is genuine and the Directors not criminals or fraudsters.

VAT Registered

We are VAT registered, our VAT number is 824 4532 39.

Data Protection

It is important for you to know what a third party is doing with your personal credit information, you would not give the personal information to a complete stranger would you?  SO why give them to an unknown business?  We hold a Data Protection certificate, number Z8720396.


It is not an easy task to awarded with a HAT Award from Honest John, the motoring  correspondent for The Telegraph, but guess what, we have one!

HAT Award - www.honestjohn.co.uk

HAT Award - www.honestjohn.co.uk

If you would like to talk to us about leasing, then feel free to call on 0161 406 3936, we don’t charge for our advice!

Or you could ignore all the above advice and use a company with no credibility and buy a car from this man…..


Dodgy vehicle supplier!

Dodgy vehicle supplier!




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